Top Dog - Training-Individual


Winner: Kerry Ryan, Certified Professional Dog Trainer, KA

Wonder Puppy Dog Training and Dog Adventures Northwest

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Est. 2009, 2011

Philosophy/Mission:  As a member of the Wonder Puppy training team, Kerry specializes in puppy socialization, puppy development, and clicker training.  As the owner of Dog Adventures Northwest,  Kerry and her team of trainers take dogs on off-leash hikes, teaching the vital skill of off-leash recall.  Kerry uses learning theory and reward-based methods with all of her four-legged friends.

Claim to Fame/Signature Product or Service:  As a part of the Wonder Puppy team, Kerry handles many of the company's in-home private sessions.  Out in the parks and on the trails, Kerry and her crew of dog trainers at Dog Adventures Northwest is committed to giving dogs much-needed physical exercise and ridiculous amounts of fun.  Dog Adventures Northwest is the only Portland off-leash dog company that not only offers proper breed-specific exercise, but also positive reinforcement training by nationally recognized trainers.

2nd Place: Katrin Greim, Plucky Puppy

503-719-7973 * 

3rd Place: Bobby Woodman, Sit Means Sit

2136 S Sylvan Way, West Linn

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