Top Dog - Bakery

Winner: Kiss My Biscuit

By a Landslide!

Proprietor: Bonnie Mitchell

503-522-8846 •

Est. 2010

Philosophy/Mission:  Kiss My Biscuit works hard to make sure that their treats are made from the finest human-grade ingredients that are all grown in the United States. They use No Grain, No Corn, No Soy, No Salt, No Sugar, No Colors, No Preservatives, No GMO.

Claim to Fame:  Each Biscuit is made with only three ingredients, made or grown locally whenever possible. Kiss My Biscuit keeps them simple, healthy and delicious.  

Community Involvement:   Kiss My Biscuit loves helping the community, and has been involved with Paws In the Grove, Hazeldale Off Leash Dog Park, Greyhound Pet Adoption, Deaf Dogs of Oregon, The Pongo Fund, and many others.

2nd Place:  Pawsitive Pastries

Tied!  3rd Place:  Battleground Barkery

PO Box 200 Battle Ground, WA • 360-600-6446 •

Tied!   3rd Place:  Twinkie’s Tarts du Jour

In Lexi Dog’s Macadam Location • 6100 SW Macadam, Portland • 503-245-4363