Take care with candles

We all love candles for the ambiance and lovely scents they leave behind.  Take precautions when lighting candles if you own pets.  They are attracted to the flames.  Watch those wagging and fluffy tails.  A dog's tail can knock over a candle and kitty's may get singed.  Always put candles out of reach and monitor your pets.  Never leave a pet alone with a lit candle. 

Some scented candles, typically the paraffin-based wax candles emit harmful chemicals.  If they are unsafe for you, you can be sure they are detrimental for your pet.  And if you have feathered friends sharing your home, any scented candle should be avoided.  Birds have very different and delicate respiratory systems, and fumes from the compounds creating the pleasing scents for you can irritate their lungs causing serious health problems that could result in death.

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