Take the OH NO! out of your Holiday Ho-Ho-Ho!

The festivities of Christmas will be a happy time if we stay ever mindful of our pets.  They like getting in on the fun, but there are dangers lurking too.

The American Humane Assn. gives good advice for the season.  Make sure Christmas trees have sturdy stands and are anchored securely so they won't fall over if kitty decides to climb.  Pine needles are toxic if chewed or eaten and can cause choking.  Be sure to change tree water daily and don't let your pets drink from it.  There may still be chemicals from preservatives in it.  Don't put breakable ornaments on bottom branches and hide tree lights and wires.

Plants such as Poinsettias, Holly, Lilies and Mistletoe can cause tummy upset if chewed - or worse - a trip to the emergency vet.

With so many electronic gadgets requiring batteries, be sure your pet won't find any lying around to chew on. If punctured they can cause severe burns to mouth and throat.

It can be hard to resist a furry little begging face but resist giving pets anything from your holiday table.. Even in small doses, the rich, fatty foods that their digestive systems aren’t used to can cause severe stomach upset and pancreatitis. Keep them on their regular feeding schedule and just say NO to bones and chocolate.

Holidays can bring out the stress in all of us and your pets are no exception.  With all the hustle and bustle, keep pets indoors and provide a safe, quiet, escape-free room if you will be having guests over. Take your dog for an extra walk – it’ll help both of you relieve some holiday stress.  Most importantly, don’t forget the snuggles!  Give your furry best friends extra love and attention to let them know they are not forgotten during the busy season.  Have a woofy and meowy holiday Have a bark and meowy Christmas!

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