Toasty Temps!

This summer is a real toaster and for animals with fur coats it definitely can be a hazard.  Dehydration and even heat stroke can happen fast when temps are high.  Always be aware of your pets special needs.  Keep bowls of cold water handy inside and out and change them frequently. throughout the day.  Keep pets inside with the AC on or fans running.  If they must be outside, be sure they have a shady area all day, preferably with grass since it stays cooler.  Put out a kiddie size pool of water near for them to jump in and cool off.  Run a sprinkler and let them drink from a hose.  Wrap kitties in cool, wet towels to cool skin.  Forget walks until temps go down or in the early morning hours.  If you don't have an animal, leave bowls of water outside anyway.  The neighborhood wildlife or any strays will thank you.

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