Bird Alert!

During summer it’s important to remember the special needs of our indoor feathered friends. Birds like warmth, but cages shouldn’t be in direct sun, as they can suffer heatstroke. The National Audobon Society say symptoms of avian heatstroke include panting, loss of balance, holding wings outward, or sitting on the floor of the cage for extended periods.

Likewise, be cool about keeping them cool – keep birds away from direct AC airflow, as they can become chilled. If you let your friends roam, beware of open windows and fans  (especially ceiling fans) which can cause severe injury.

Use a plant mister to gently spray Tweetie several times daily. This protects their respiratory systems, and they like it!  Provide fresh, separate water for drinking and bathing, and a diet fresh in nuts, grains and fruit.

Please remember outdoor birds too! Provide fresh water daily, even if just a bowl set on a table. This can be a lifesaver!

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