A Forever Home

Thinking of adopting a dog or cat? A few things to consider…

-          Your household, new schedules and responsibilities. Routines will change.

-          If you have a pet now, research good mixes — shelters and rescues help with this too. Factor in future veterinary expenses.

-          Be prepared: provide a comfy bed, food, toys, food/water bowls, and a secure carrier. 

-          A litter box and scratching post for kitties are a must.

-          If possible, take everyone in the family to meet the pet, including pets already in the home.

-          Give your new pet time to acclimate to the his/her surroundings. The shelter/rescue will provide guidelines.

-          Most of all, give them time to adjust, and when they’re ready, provide them with lots of time, attention, quality food and exercise/play. They'll thank you with years of happy tails and purrs!

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