Diggity Dog!

It can be infuriating to look out the window and see your dog digging a nice, big hole in the yard.  Let’s face it, some dogs just have a thing for digging holes, especially in the loose soil of gardens or flower beds.  Many do this to cool off or stay warm. The Humane Society of the United States says this may be a sign of boredom.  To make digging less desirable, they suggest placing flat rocks around plants and/or spraying the area with a mixture of water and lemon juice.  Most dogs dislike citrus scents.  And remember if you see your dog doing appropriate things in the yard (chewing on a toy, sunning himself), don’t forget to praise him!  This increases the chances of him doing those behaviors instead of the unwanted ones.

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Easing 4th of July Fears

People love ‘em, but many pets are terrified of fireworks.  In fact, it’s the biggest day of the year for new arrivals at animal shelters.  Fearful dogs do everything from shake and cower to breaking through windows or screens and running blindly in an attempt to escape the perceived threat.  Fireworks start before the 4th, so preventive care should, too.  Around the holiday, keep pets indoors, close windows and shades, and keep music or TVs running low – any distractions can help.  Medicinal remedies can help take the edge off before, during and after the 4th – ask your vet or your friendly Bi-Mart pharmacist.

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Feathered Friends

Birds are very busy now, building nests and hatching babies — and they appreciate help when they're hungry.  If you have back yard bird feeders and outside cats (or strays) there may be problems.  The National Audubon Society says it's a must to have a feeding station difficult for cats to reach away from trees or fences.  Clean dropped seeds on the ground daily.  Deter kitty sneak attacks by placing a small bell on her collar . . . or best of all, keep her indoors — it’s safer for everyone.

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Going Fishing!

Nice weather draws us outdoors, and some like fishing or just taking the boat out on the river.  Outings are all the more fun when our best friends come along!  Safety vests are a must for people, and they’re great for your best friend, too! 

Also, when carrying fishing gear, be sure to keep hooks and sharp gear away from little paws and noses.  Safe water practices ensure a safe, happy day to remember!

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PEDI Please!

Well-maintained nails are important for pet health and comfort and really make a difference in preserving floors, carpets and upholstery.  Check nails when grooming your pet.  The Humane Society of the United States says nails should be clipped every 3-8 weeks, depending on breed.  Regular walks and outdoor play is great for keeping the pooch’s nails “filed,” and kitty scratching posts help do the same.  

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Pet Essentials — good traction


Hardwood and tile floors pose serious risk of injury for pets, especially as they age.  To help keep them sure-footed, keep nails and pad fur trimmed.  Then, consider placing non-slip runners, rugs, or even yoga mats over slick areas at home. 

Injuries from slipping on slick floors account for numerous visits yearly at local emergency animal hospitals.  Keep them safe and high-steppin! 

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FUN is serious business!


Toys!  Pets love ‘em, and we love giving them! 

Everyone knows “A tired dog is a good dog,” but did you know that for pets, play is serious business?  Yessir! 

Providing activity, fun and challenge promotes your dog’s and cat’s mental acuity, fitness, and happiness.  

Whether yours loves to chew, chase, hunt, or bop things around, find the perfect gift for your best friend at Bi-Mart!  


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OUTINGS with Pets


Tips to keep them Safe, Fun and Stress-free   

Family outings are the most fun with the dog along, and it’s the little things that often make a big difference.  Here’s Today’s Tip to help make this your best summer ever:

It’s all in the PREP.  Think ahead — will there be other people or dogs where you’re headed?  Tempting debris?  Squirrels or animals begging to be chased?  Water or sheer ledges?  Consider any potential hazards.  One of the simplest, most effective safety measures is a tried and true leash . . . and some tasty treats to get their attention quickly!

The RIGHT LEASH.  There are many types, so find the one that’s Just Right for you and your dog’s lifestyle.  Short leashes are ideal for keeping your best friend close in new or crowded settings, or onboard at the dock.  A long lead allows the pup to explore safely while you picnic.  Check out all the available styles for a Just Right fit for your next adventure.

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