A Golden Age

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We love our dogs and the adventures we share.  Time passes quickly and soon it shows: frosted noses, slowing gait, and sometimes a limp. Our rambunctious pups mellow with age.

There are many ways to help keep our pups healthy and happy through the years. Here are just a few:

Make exercise a top priority. While they may sleep more, regular play is still important for mental acuity and well-being. Shorter walks are a good idea, and many therapies are available to support aging joints and bones. 

Diet. Check out foods for older dogs, as needs change over the years.

Comfortable Bed. Support those old bones and keep them warm. Some pups do well with heated beds, which can soothe achy joints.

Regular checkups. The vet is an important partner as your dog ages; s/he will help watch for signs of concern. As with people, the best prevention is early detection and treatment when needed.

Grooming. Regular bathing, brushing, and nail trims keep pups feeling and looking good, and help you keep a close eye for any physical changes.

Tender touching and hugs. Love them well. This is a special time for both of you. Enjoy each day with grace and love.

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