A Grateful Time

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That time of year is here when we give thanks for all we have and certainly our pets deserve our special thanks for giving us laughs and affection daily.  Their carefree spirits make every day fun and they us from taking ourselves too seriously.

Are they included in an event for Thanksgiving?  Sometimes they may feel left out after smelling something luscious. While it may be tempting to feed them a scrap or two, rich foods or anything out of the ordinary can cause stomach upset, diarrhea or even worse - an inflammatory condition of the pancreas known as pancreatitis. It’s best to keep pets on their regular diet during the holiday season.

Absolutely, never, ever, under any circumstance feed them bones.

Better ideas to include them and make them feel special:

  • Fill a Kong with some extra kibble mixed with peanut butter (check out these ultimate Kong stuffing recipes: buff.ly/2hIV98F via Rover.com)
  • Mix steamed green beans or carrots in with their regular kibble
  • Take them to visit a friend or relative who may need the company
  • Engage in a long play session
  • Give them a good brushing
  • Snuggle under a blankie together

Sunny autumn days are great to get outside and exercise with your pup.  Jump in a pile of leaves, throw a ball or frisbee.  Walk slowly so they can sniff more.  Even a rainy day can be fun!  Jump in puddles and get all soaking wet so when you get home, a long, you can get a long, inviting rubdown awaits.

There are numerous ways to make them feel included and say a special thank you for being such loyal companions.

How do you show your pet you are thankful for them?

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