A Merry Furry Christmas!

The holidays are in the air and our pets can catch the excitement from us if we don't get frazzled.  We need to be mindful of them at all times to keep them safe. 

When packages start arriving in the mail let the empty boxes become a new toy for your dog or cat.  Kitties, especially have great fun playing for hours. 

If you find the opportunity, plan one special day for your best furry friends with you just having fun and being together.  Buy them presents for your special day and watch them tear up the paper.  Dress them up in little Santa coats or antlers and catch some great photos. 

Take a long walk with your best bud and enjoy nature.  It will be refreshing for both of you.  Give them a good rubdown and brushing afterwards. 

Stay with their normal feeding routine.  No chocolate, spicy or fatty foods and definitely no bones.  Do give them a special treat while you have dinner. 

Buy a new, soft throw, curl up on the couch with your furry friends, watch a Christmas movie and cuddle.  What bliss!!  It will be the one special day you will always remember.

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