ABC, Learn from Me!

You may have noticed just watching our pets interact with daily life is a learning experience. 

The ASPCA has a list that will help both you and your furry friend stay healthy and enjoy each day. 

  • Walk every day! (Even if just around the block when it rains.) 
  • Drink water!  LOTS! 
  • Groom yourself.  You feel so much better! 
  • Stretch often.  Help those stiff achy joints stay limber 
  • Live in the moment (put worry aside) but it helps to stick to a daily routine to give structure to the day. 
  • Cultivate friendship.  Wag! Smile! Play! 
  • Don't hold a grudge. (Notice our pets are way better at forgiveness.) 
  • If you love someone, show it!  The power of touch works wonders. 

Stay in tune and your pet can teach you many important life lessons!

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