Summer has flown by!  School is back in, changing daily routines and schedules — for family members and pets!

Our fur family needs time to adjust to more time alone, which sometimes can bring on separation anxiety and/or acting out.

Tips for coping:

  • Provide interactive toys, chews when they’re alone to ease boredom.
  • Take the dog along for kid drop-offs and pickups. The routine, and knowing they’ll return can help.
  • If possible, try and ease your pet into the new schedule before it actually happens.
  • Be sure all gates and fences are secure.
  • TV or music on low provides a little background "noise" that can help them relax.
  • Keep small objects like crayons, scissors, markers and glue out of reach to prevent chewing, choking or ingestion.
  • Morning exercise can tire a pup, leaving him calm and relaxed. 

Fall is a magical time.  We hope these tips help make it great for everyone in the family!

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