Cold Nosies & Toesies

The winter has just begun and already we are experiencing freezing cold and snowy weather the likes of which we haven't seen in years.  Guarding the health and well-being of our pets should be on the top of our list.  Watch for stiff, achy joints, especially in our older furry friends.  The ASPCA recommends giving them a bone supplement daily.  Ask your veterinarian to recommend one.  

Be sure they have comfy blankets or provide heated beds or animal proof heating pads to keep them cuddly.  Sweaters or coats are good in inclement weather, especially on walks and especially for animals with shorter fur coats.  Always clean and wipe little feet when coming from outside.  Besides being cold, wet and muddy, de-icing solutions used on streets and sidewalks can irritate skin severely and cause major tummy upset when licked.  Paws can get frost bite easily so skip the walks when the weather is frightful and just snuggle in.  Your "best buds" will love you even more!

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