Finicky Furballs

Got a fussy eater at your house?  Some breeds, like Yorkies or Siberian Huskies can be more finicky than others.

#1 – See your vet to rule out any health or dental problems.

#2 – A change in food may help.  With this approach, take care to follow guidelines — an abrupt dietary change can be harmful.

Otherwise, veterinary professionals offer these tips:

  • Make mealtime positive and quiet, away from kids and other animals.  Stay close if it helps.  Sometimes a bite offered from your hand will help get them started. 
  • Try smaller, more frequent portions at different times of day.
  • Mix a little wet food with kibble for more flavor. Warming wet food 6-9 seconds in the microwave can also help (many kitties like this).
  • Finally, EXERCISE! to help stimulate the appetite. Reduce treats, and do not give treats in place of food.

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