Fur, Fur Everywhere!


Our kitties love spring and sunny spots for napping.  At home this can be tricky, since our feline friends are now shedding their winter coats. Because they tend to lick themselves more when shedding, this can cause matting.  Regular brushing is more important than ever now, and long-haired beauties may need an assist from a groomer.  Fortunately there are many types of combs and brushes available, and daily use helps a lot.

Hairballs may also be an issue, so you may want to add a hairball remedy to your beloved’s routine. Like grooming tools, quality options are available. 

For many cats, brushing is helpful year round.  Most kitties enjoy it, and starting during kittenhood can train your feisty friend to sit still for it.  A loving touch, kind words, and little rewards like treats or playtime help make the routine more enjoyable. 

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