Happy Cat - Happy You

When our kitty cats exhibit behavior that isn't normal we are naturally concerned. If your cat is usually friendly and playful but suddenly not, she may just be bored, but most likely it's a sign of illness or stress.

Cats are creatures of routine.  Is there a change in the household that could be a cause? 

Urinating outside the litter box or elsewhere is a sign of trouble.

Excessive grooming and scratching may also be a sign of stress.  If you have ruled out fleas, your kitty could be suffering from seasonal allergies.

If he/she has always been a sweet and passive cat but is exhibiting aggression toward other animals or humans – definitely a red flag something is wrong.

Hiding, being lethargic and sleeping more are all signs to be aware that all is not right in kitty’s world.

Don't ignore the problem.  A visit to the vet should be made to rule out illness.  Do all you can to have your sweet fur baby back to normal.

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