Outings with Pets

Tips to keep them Safe, Fun and Stress-free  


Family outings are the most fun with the dog along, and it’s the little things that often make a big difference.  Make this your (and their)  best summer ever with these helpful tips.

It’s all in the PREP.  Think ahead — will there be other people or dogs where you’re headed?  Tempting debris?  Squirrels or animals begging to be chased?  Water or sheer ledges?  Consider any potential hazards.  One of the simplest, most effective safety measures is a tried and true leash . . . and some tasty treats to get their attention quickly!

The RIGHT LEASH.  There are many types, so find the one that’s Just Right for you and your dog’s lifestyle.  Short leashes are ideal for keeping your best friend close in new or crowded settings, or onboard at the dock.  A long lead allows the pup to explore safely while you picnic.  Check out all the available styles for a Just Right fit for your next adventure.

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