Seasonal Stirrings


In the animal kingdom signs of spring are everywhere! Birdfeeders are busy, the squirrels are active, and soon there will be babies. This also means that soon there will be puppies and kittens in area shelters in need of forever loving homes.

Considering a new addition?

Please consider adopting. There are many great shelters, skilled at matchmaking to ensure your new pet fits your family and lifestyle. They will also help make sure you’re prepared for your new arrival, with items such as:

  • A suitable carrier
  • The right food
  • Food and water bowls
  • A comfy bed
  • Scratching post
  • Leash, harness and other gear
  • Litterbox or potty pads
  • Toys!

Once home, a veterinary exam and any needed booster shots will get your little one off on the right paw, and licensing, a microchip and spay/neuter will support their lifelong wellness and safety.

Enjoy your new “baby”! Giving plenty of attention, love, and teaching helps build a great pet for life, who’ll return your love in abundance and be a happy, confident member of the family.

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