Special Treats

Just as we feed our family, we use top quality dog food for our best furry friends to keep them healthy. 

Including a little something to the kibble bowl adds variety and livens things up. Treats don’t have to be of the unhealthy type. There are lots of natural, "people" foods that are actually good to share with your pet occasionally. 

  1. Cooked oatmeal (no added sweetener) is great for fiber in the diet. 
  2. Soft boiled eggs are easy on the tummy and have protein.
  3. Unseasoned, plain cooked white or brown rice eases upset tummies and is especially good for older dogs.
  4. A spoon of peanut butter is healthy and dogs love it added to home baked pet biscuits.
  5. Raw carrots are great for fur and nails.
  6. A slice of pineapple or apple (no seeds!) is a good source of potassium.
  7. Canned, unseasoned pumpkin added to wet food will be gobbled up and is good for digestive issues. 

Always stick to your dog's regular diet.  Use these foods as special treats so they don't become habit forming.

Your fur baby will be lovin' you all the more!

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