The (wet) wonders of Spring


Balmy days are beckoning with outdoor activities for people and pets.  Longer walks and fresh air feel great, and they’re good for us all — mentally and physically!

A quick reminder:  

On walks steer clear of puddles and standing water. Don't let your pet drink from them. They can contain all sorts of bacteria that can make your pet ill.  Empty containers like standing flower pots, as they’re likely filled with dirty rainwater, algae and debris.  Clean your yard and always provide your pet with fresh, clean water.

If you haven't already, give your birdbaths a good scrubbing, and keep them filled with fresh water for feathered friends — not only do they love to bathe here (a joy to watch), they also look to this source for hydration.

Little things go a long way in helping our pets and outdoor creatures thrive!

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