Wagging Tails


Due to vacations, other activities and the excessive heat, we tend to get away from a regular exercise routine during the summer.

Your pet may be lethargic or exhibit destructive behavior like chewing, digging, scratching when they shouldn't.  If you have ruled out illness, getting back into daily walks and exercise will alleviate that restlessness and bring back a calm and happy pooch.

Healthy walks keep limbs agile and help maintain a healthy digestive system. Walks can also boost flagging appetites as well.

If your dog needs to be coaxed into walking, just try a short stroll.  Try to steer clear of things that might intimidate and walk in off-hours to keep your pet from holding back. Make it fun!  If you’re excited, they will be. Building trust will strengthen your bond with your pet.

Exercise is beneficial to everyone.  Not only will we feel better, but your furry friend will be happier and tired. Now it's time for a good snuggle.

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