Smile! September is Pet Smile Month!

As responsible pet owners we take good care of our furry friends; however, their teeth tend to be neglected because we don't know what to do.  It's never too late to start dental care. 

Using a toothpaste made specifically for pets (NEVER use human toothpaste), try brushing their teeth with a small, soft bristled brush, or even your finger. Even three days a week can make a difference. More important, have your vet examine teeth and provide info on a balanced diet. 

According to the ASPCA dogs can show gum disease before they are four years old.  Smelly breath is often the first sign that something is wrong.  Drooling and loss of appetite are other symptoms.  Without brushing, plaque builds up leading to other serious health issues.  Gums should be pink and firm, no loose teeth.  Good, non-toxic chew toys are good for massaging gums.  Kibble is good for kitties teeth. 

Most of us know the pain of a toothache or the yuckiness of unbrushed teeth.  Do all you can to keep your pet healthy and brush those toofers!

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