Zap the Buggers!

We welcome spring with warmer weather and sunshine.  Sometimes, it is not so good for our furry friends because flea and tick season is here too.

If your pet is restless/anxious and scratches and chews a lot, check for fleas.  It's easy to spot them with a flea comb. Or part the fur on their back and if there are black specks that look like dirt – it’s fleas. Use a flea preventative along with regular bathing and grooming to fend off these pesky critters.  

If your pet spends a lot of time outdoors, make it a habit to check for ticks. Run your hands down your dog’s back, between legs and toes, behind ears and tail area.  If you feel a bump the size of a small pea you may see a tick has attached itself.  Remove the entire tick gently with a tweezers and completely disinfect the area.

A lot of treatment options on the market are for both fleas and ticks. Ask your veterinarian.

These parasites can cause many and serious problems and illness. Do all you can to keep your best friends happy and free from those "buggers."

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