Volunteer Spotlight on Furry Friends volunteer, Tanika Campbell

Let's face it. There are so many cats in need that if we didn't have volunteers helping us, we could never accomplish helping the kitties at Furry Friends.  It's so inspiring knowing that each of the kitties in our care has so many heroes working to help them find a better life and a permanent home.  We want to shine the spotlight on one of our treasured volunteers, Tanika Campbell. Here is an interview that we did with her. 

Tell us a little about what you do with Furry Friends?

I started out as a socializing volunteer last year in 2014. I also worked the Furry Friends table at the South Pacific Rum Bar in Vancouver one Saturday a month speaking with patrons about the rescue. My husband Mike and I also take our dog to senior therapy visits at assisted living centers twice a month.

How long have you been with Furry Friends?

We discovered Furry Friends exactly a year ago.

How did you get involved with Furry Friends?

We chose Furry Friends as one of the shelters to donate food and supplies from our annual animal shelter food drive.

Why do you do volunteer work?

It started when I was helping a family member who lost their job and struggled to make ends meet. My husband and I gave them food and supplies regularly so they would not have to stress over losing their beloved pets. After they got back on their feet I wanted to continue helping someone, realizing how fortunate we are.

Do you also volunteer for other places? What are they and what do you do?

Working at Frito we are able to purchase large amounts of cases of chips which we have donated to many shelters and events to say thank you for the hard work. Some of these have been the Humane Society, Fences For Fidos, Walk/Run for Pets Marathon, Furry Friends, National Guard.

What is your favorite part about volunteering for Furry Friends?

I love the variety of things you can do to help. There are many events to help with, dog therapy, and simply visiting and loving the kitties at the Halfway House and the Furry Friends adoption center at PetSmart in Hazel Dell. 

Do you have any pets at home?

Oh yes! A Chocolate Lab, a Chihuahua, 5 adorable cats (two of those were strays that popped into our yard this year), and fish.  I love animals. Their innocence and unconditional love is something I cannot live without.

Do you have a job outside of Furry Friends? If so, what do you do?

We work full time for Frito Lay. I am admin and my husband works as a shift lead

Tell us about other hobbies or interests that you have?

Majority of our time off is spent with our animals. We love taking our dogs to the park or for a ride. We love to travel, and taking pictures of wildlife.

Didn’t you recently organize a pet food drive? Tell me about that:

Four yrs ago we started an animal shelter food collection. It started with our own contribution. I posted on FaceBook (FB) to friends and family that we were donating, if they were interested in contributing let us know. Our family added a few bags to the pile as did a couple co-workers. We donated about 300 lbs of food.  The following year I posted about the food donation on FB, and made a slide on the reader board at work. We ended up donating about 700 lbs of food and 130 lb of litter. From there it has grown to our current donation of 1400 lb of food and 600 lb of litter, various supplies, and cash donations. I now utilize the reader board at work, FB, also a mission board which I post at Frito Lay, and many emails to food companies. Family also helps by sharing on their FB. We give to two local shelters which are Furry Friends and Second Chance Companions.

Didn’t you rescue a kitty at 2:00 am and were able to reunite him with his owners? Tell me about that:

 I was fortunately in the right place at the right time! I was driving home from work at 2am on Saturday and I saw a white cat on the side of the road. As I pulled over the kitty ran into the road, but stopped when I started talking to him. I scooped him up just as a car was coming upon us. Thankfully he had tags. I took him home, dried him off, and set up our spare room with food and blankets (he was not thrilled with our dogs). In the AM I contacted both numbers and spoke with his owners. Ten minutes later I took kitty home to his tearful mom who told me they had just returned home from the Seattle Children’s Hospital. She was so thankful that she didn’t have to tell her children that they had lost their kitty. It would have ruined Christmas. 

To Volunteer with Furry Friends

Furry Friends website at www.furryfriendswa.org  or by contacting them at information@furryfriendswa.org  or leaving a message at (360) 993-1097.

Furry Friends is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, no-kill organization that rescues and adopts out homeless, relinquished, and abused cats in Clark County, Washington. Furry Friends cares for the kitties as long as it takes to find their forever home. They are an all-volunteer organization; there is no paid staff. 

To Volunteer with Second Chance Companions

Contact www.sccpets.com/  Phone:(360) 687-4569