Spotlight on Furry Friends Volunteer, Lisa

Your Name:  Lisa 

Current employer or place of business:  large international computer company 

Organization I volunteer with: Furry Friends, Vancouver Washington 

How I got involved: My son needed a senior project for high school.  One of the staff members in the school office, mentioned Furry Friends. That began in May of 2010 and he still volunteers today, when he has time available. That was my introduction to Furry Friends.  I was intrigued by the dedication and caring of the volunteers and wanted to help. This is my forth year on the Dinner Auction Committee. 

Why I give back: I began volunteering in High School, as a candy striper. If you look around, there is a lack of resources everywhere you turn. The only way to fill those resources is through volunteers.  I want to a part of an organization that makes a difference.  Furry Friends is that organization Furry Friends is a responsible organization that has a proved track record of longevity in this community and fills a need for animals and people alike. 

Proudest moment as a volunteer: It was actually not as a volunteer but as a family looking for a pet. We had recently said goodbye to my son’s cat and our second cat was lonely.  I reached out to Jennifer Hart at Furry Friends to adopt.  Funny thing is, cats are like potato chips, you can’t have just one.  We now have 2 of Furry Friends many rescued cats in our home.  They have brought us a lot of joy AND entertainment! 

What local challenge or issue are you most passionate about? We live in a disposable society.  Be it natural resources, people, animals, etc.  It breaks my heart to drive along a street and see all the trash on the side of the road, or a pet that has been abandoned, the mentally ill living in the street.  I’m not sure how to solve it all, but if I can make a small difference and hope to be an example to someone else, then maybe that someone else will want to make a difference as well.

 Just for fun: What are your hidden talents, hobbies or interests?  For fun and relaxation I enjoy camping, hiking, kayaking, sewing and crocheting.