Kittens in need of foster parents

Kittens, kittens and more kittens. Spring has sprung and so has kitten season. Now is the time when all the female cats of the land that have not been spayed have their adorable offspring. Now comes the problem of how to deal with these bundles of love. Furry Friends, a no-kill, all volunteer, cat rescue organization in Clark County seeks to provide for as many of these kittens as their limited resources can handle.

Enlisting more kitten foster parents is the first step towards providing for these little ones. Foster parents care for kittens, socialize them as they grow and are weaned and provide space for mom cats to raise their young. Without fosters opening up their homes, Furry Friends would not be able to take in pregnant females or newborn kittens. Furry Friends provides the food, litter and medical for the cats and kittens in foster care and fosters provide the love and socialization.

By opening up your home to foster pets, you’re not only helping to save lives, you’re providing the individual attention and care these kittens desperately need. Kittens are some of the most at-risk pets in shelters because some require around-the-clock care, and most shelters don’t have the resources or staff to provide that level of care. Fostering helps kittens find forever families and it saves their lives.

Foster homes are asked to provide care for the kittens and provide transportation to and from medical appointments as needed. Care for foster kittens includes a feeding schedule, cleaning, and lots of snuggling and play time. Fostering kittens is a very rewarding experience. By participating in this program, you are saving lives and helping kittens find families.

How much time do I need to spend with the kittens?

As much time as you can. The more time you spend with your foster kittens, the more socialized they will be to people. The amount of time required for feeding will vary depending on the age of the kittens you are fostering. Very young kittens need to be bottle-fed every two to three hours if no mom available to nurse them, while older usually feed themselves between 4-5 weeks of ageup to 4 times a day. 

Can I foster kittens even if I have a full-time job?

Yes. The foster coordinator will match you with kittens appropriate for your schedule. You will need to be available, however, to take the kittens to a medical appointment if they are sick. All basic medical is done at the Furry Friends Halfway House in Vancouver. 

How long will the kittens need to be in foster care?

As soon as a kitten weighs 2lbs to 3 lbs it will be spayed or neutered and will be put up for adoption. Kittens usually start medical between 7-8 weeks of age.  We ask that they remain in your care till adopted. Usually the kittens are adopted out fairly quickly.

Furry Friends is in great need for kitten foster parents, won’t you consider becoming one today? Contact them at (360) 993-1097 or for more information. Furry Friends is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization that has been serving Clark County since 1999. This no-kill organization is operated and run completely by volunteers and dedicated to providing rescue, necessary medical, and spay/neuter for neglected and homeless cats while finding them forever homes. To find out more about this organization, visit or