A Loving Letter from Jasper

Meow to my furry friends,

It was a dark and stormy night. I was wet and cold, hungry and lost. I had to get out of the rain, but I couldn’t find my way home. In desperation, I crawled under a car and jumped up on the wheel. A very kind man heard me crying and brought me to his house. It was nice and warm inside, and there was food! But because he had other cats, he didn’t have room for one more. He called Furry Friends and a lovely lady picked me up and took me to a place called the Halfway House where she said I’d be safe. She also named me Oakley, which means “Field of Oak Trees.”

They sent me to the doctor to see if I was healthy, but the next day, I noticed some of my parts were missing. (A little kitty humor here). Life at the Halfway House was pretty good, and I got lots of attention. And food! But I really wanted a home of my own. One day, a volunteer came in, and when she picked me up, I climbed onto her shoulder and nuzzled into her neck. Although she didn’t know I did this with almost everyone, she later told me that she felt a real connection. She even visited me during the week. On her next visit, she learned I was ready for adoption and promptly claimed me as her own.

She took me home and introduced me to my brother, Cooper, and my sisters, Alice and Dali. She also changed my name to Jasper, which means “Keeper of the Treasure.” But best of all – she had and still has good food. Yes, I like to eat. A LOT! I tell her when it’s time to eat every morning and afternoon. (I tell her at other times too, but she usually ignores me). If she doesn’t get up early enough in the morning, I try to pull the covers off her or lie on top of her. When she finally “dishes up”, I try to help by nudging her. I eat so quickly that she feeds the other cats first, giving them the chance to eat before I arrive for “clean up” duty. I learned that if I ate part of MY food, I could finish theirs and still have some of mine left. One day, I got into big trouble for taking a pork roast out of the kitchen sink, unwrapping it and chewing on it. And although I left it in the middle of the living room rug so that she could have some when she got home, she didn’t seem to want any.

I’m very happy in my new home. I spend my day sleeping outside in Purrsia (that’s the name of our catio), where I’m safely enclosed but still have plenty of room. There’s even a ramp that goes up and out across the yard. My Mom is the best. I jump on her shoulder as soon as she comes home from work, and she lets me stay there for as long as I want. When she gets ready to leave in the morning, I try to jump on her shoulder to keep her there. (It doesn’t work).

And so, to my fellow adopted Halfway House alums, I hope you’re as lucky and happy as I am. To those still waiting, please trust there’s a special someone who will feel the same connection with you that my Mom did with me, and that you too will find your fur-ever homes.

Love, Jasper

Jasper is 'owned' by Furry Friends volunteer Colleen Figley