Bossy, Megan and Alex

Nicknamed “Kisstopher” because of his tendency to lick his pet parents’ faces while giving himself a bath, big boy Bossy is as sweet as sugar without the calories.

Noticed first by Alex at PetSmart, it took little convincing for Megan to meet the plush, striped puss at the Halfway House. In fact, admits Megan, “He ran and jumped over things from across the room to get to us! I’d never adopted an adult cat before, and I’m so glad I did. While kittens are pretty much guaranteed a home, amazing adults like Bossy are overlooked and ignored. Adult cats are the way to go!”

But the deeper she fell in love with Bossy, the more Megan wondered about his past. She couldn’t imagine how such a perfect (and potty trained) cat could have been abandoned. Who were his owners? Why did they leave him? Did he run away? Is that what he DOES? And yes, Bossy did try – twice – to slip past them, but they tagged and “tamed” him and taught him that being indoors was most definitely “in.”

If there’s any doubt as to who rules the roost in this roomy apartment, one need only look at the assortment of cat toys and dishes, food and catnip, litter and litter boxes to know. And beautiful Bossy knew a good thing when he saw it.

“His adaptation to us and our home was immediate,” says Megan. “No sooner had we brought him inside than he jumped right on the bed and kissed us. Then he walked back and forth between Alex and myself purring, head butting, and giving us more kisses. Talk about a housewarming!”

The sole focus of his cat guardians’ love and attention, Bossy revels in being their one and only. A blend of energetic and easygoing, depending on his mood and the time of day, he loves one particular batting toy with bells, ribbons and feathers on the end, which Megan uses “to get him up and running around.” But his favorite time of day, without question, is “when we wake up and feed him in the morning.

“A cuddly lap cat when he wants to be, he’s very generous with his kisses and purrs. I’ve also discovered that when I scratch the base of his tail and the bottom of his back, he seems to go into a trance, moving his head back and forth like a pendulum. It is SO cute.”

As for this trio’s sleeping arrangements? Bossy sleeps everywhere, often switching between lying at the bottom of Megan’s feet in bed and curling up on the couch.

Kiss kiss.