Whiskers and the Wilmotts

Having been committed cat owners for over 20 years, the Wilmotts, after the death of one of their two latest cats, knew that lonely 2-year-old Cosito needed a new companion.

"We decided to get another cat," explains Debbie, "but didn’t really want to go through the kitten stage again. We were familiar with Furry Friends as they took several sets of kittens born to feral moms from our neighborhood several years ago.

"We also knew that The Cat’s Meow Luxury Boarding (we board Cosito there) often had cats from Furry Friends in their adoption room, and both Jo and Amber felt 4-year-old Whiskers would be a good match. We met her, and brought her home the next day.

"Thinking the cats needed to get used to each other’s scents before introducing them, we put Whiskers in a separate room. Cosito, however, had other plans. He kept vigil outside the door, even sliding his paw under it, and refusing to move. We went out for several hours and upon our return, found that not only was he still there, but that one of her paws had slid out from under the door. Needless to say, the introductions were made then!"

And the two have been best feline friends ever since, romping and playing, chasing and looking out for each other, and cuddling together with their humans. Whiskers, once skittish and not fond of being picked up, is a cat transformed, provided she’s approached slowly and spoken to softly.

"When we’re sitting, she’s a little love bug," Debbie says. "She loves being petted under the chin, and she likes to groom Cosito, just as a mama cat would. She also likes lying on us while we watch TV (a big step in trust for her), and will sometimes even sleep on our laps."

As a treat fiend, now on a treat "diet", she still comes running – hopefully -- whenever she hears the familiar rattle of spoons in the kitchen drawer.

"Bringing Whiskers into our family was the best move we could have made, especially for Cosito. She’s taught him some of the things he missed out on as a kitten, such as how to play with balls and catnip-filled toys. She has really brightened up our lives."