Introducing Myself

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It’s been kind of a nutty year, what with moving and settling, moving and settling.  Now things have finally slowed down enough for me to do some reflecting . . . or at least get down to some serious napping.   Same things, right?

So I decided to write a few things down, maybe share a few pictures and movies of myself and tell you what it's like to be me, a Maine Coon Cat.  We are a very special club of cat . . . of course, being a cat is pretty special, but we Maine Coons are a pretty proud line of feline and I want to share some of our stories and folklore with you.  I’ll also try my best to recollect some of the stories about other cats I met or heard about while I was out on the road.

But first, as a way to let you know a little bit about me, my first few notes will give you a rundown about this last year and where I am now.

So, about this time last year, I was running with a couple of other cats; we weren’t like a gang or anything (although there was always some scrapping going on),  mostly we were just looking for food and a place to stay warm and dry.   There was one guy, Spike, a big fearless orange cat — he would strut around right out in the open, making all kinds of noise and never seeming to care what came his way.  One day Spike came and told us he had found this human house with a lady who was just giving out food.   Sunning on this fence, I was like, “Yeah, right.  I’ve heard that before.   Do I look like I was weaned yesterday?”

Spike was all, “Go ahead — don’t believe me, flea-line.  But I think we can all get something tomorrow too.  We have to be cool, though.  Remember what happened last time?  I’m looking at you Dinsmore.  So c’mon:  huddle up and I’ll give you the scoop.”   (Dinsmore was this nutty calico who could get a little pushy about food – once we found this awesome back porch scene and he got all shovey, stomped on Spike’s head,. and the whole thing turned into a melee.)

When He was Rocky.jpg

So, despite the flea-line remark (not nice — he knew I had an allergy), I jumped down and listened up.  It seems there was a human who would put food out on her porch for anybody to come and get.  We decided to head over there, settle in and wait to see if she did it again.

We found a couple of good hiding spots under the bushes and were being cool, when a bunch of other cats started mooching in.  We were disgusted.  These guys all had homes and regular food and there they were, acting all, “I’m hungry. Nobody feeds me.”  We were not impressed.  Anyway, we kept our cool, even Dinsmore, and sure enough, the human put out some food.  She seemed a little surprised that there were so many of us – Spike was kind of upset about the other cats horning in — but it didn’t seem to stop the flow of food.  Every day, there she was, giving us something to eat.  We were very happy.  I even had to give Spike his due.  We’ve had our differences, but he was right about this one, and in the end, his yowling and making noise ended up changing all of our lives forever.

I’ll tell you more about that summer, and how me, Spike and Dinsmore ended up parting ways next time.   For now, I’m tuckered and it’s time to sleep.  

I’ll leave you with a picture of me from last year shortly after finding the really nice human house with all the food.  See how the plate is empty? But, look at my face . . . check my technique, no pleading, no begging, this is my "incredulous staredown." It works well!

Well, thanks again for stopping by!  We'll see you soon!

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Today’s Cat Fact: The term for a group of cats is called a “clowder.”