Snow Day!

Snow Cat 6.JPG

Last time I was telling you the story of Spike, Dinsmore and myself -- I'll make sure to get back to that very soon, but first I want to show you where I live, and how fun it is when it snows!

Where I came from, we didn't have all of this white, fluffy stuff and this is the first time I've gotten to sink my paws into it. I thought all those stories were just fairy tales, but, as you will see - it is very real.  I've also heard that the Maine in Maine Coon is a place that gets lots of snow, so we are specially designed with big paws and fur between our toes to make it easier for us to get around in it. I have built-in showshoes! You can see for yourself how well I did!

We'll talk again soon, and I promise to finish telling you my story!

Today's Cat Fact: Maine Coons have two types of fur, an inner coat for warmth and an outer, water-resistant coat to help stave off rain and snow. Their shaggy underbelly and thicker fur along their backside protects them from the cold of snow and ice.