Dogs in the Workplace: A Win-Win Woof For Everyone!

Bella Workplace #1.jpg

Here's a fun fact: Many Americans believe that having a pet in the workplace increases creativity, reduces stress, decreases absenteeism and helps maintain better relationships with colleagues. Well, guess what? They're right! So, what’s a little carpet cleaning amongst friends?

Dogs, especially, have a lot to teach humans about work and life. I know, because I’m the director of goodwill (D.O.G.) at the marketing agency that my humans run in Portland, Oregon, and I think I’ve done a pretty good job at making sure that the office is always full of energy and enthusiasm (and squeaky toys). Still, despite the fancy title, I'm not afraid to pitch in where I’m needed. After all, I'm a pack, er, team player.

Exhibit 1: Sadly, my humans don't have their own IT department. Here I am troubleshooting the whatchamacallit, which connects to the doodad, which connects us all to the black hole that is known as "the Internet."

Bella Workplace #2.jpg

Exhibit 2: One of my favorite tasks is organizing and alphabetizing the office bookshelf. I just love that new book smell! (I swear that I don't know what happened to the books on obedience training, however).

Above all, I make sure that my two-legged co-workers get out into the world instead of spending all day hiding behind their computer screens. But that's enough about me.

What about you? What are your four-legged friends teaching you about working smarter and being happier?