Think Outside the (Cat) Box

Bella and Cat (1).jpg

Admittedly, I have some deep-rooted issues with cats. It started when a cranky kitty slapped me across the face when I was a puppy. And then, several months ago, this feline showed up on our front porch and decided to stay (we think she was left behind when a neighbor moved to a nursing home)

Sure, she was cute enough...but I had to put my paws down when my Mom started getting crazy ideas about bringing her into the house. (She found a cozy home next door instead; now she taunts me from across the way.)

Putting my personal feelings aside, I do admire the tenacity and cleverness of cats. Indeed, the key to success is to learn from everyone you meet. You don't have to be their best friend, but there's no reason not to admire their talents and try to emulate them. Take Maru, for example, a YouTube sensation with a healthy sense of curiosity and the determination to squeeze herself into the smallest of boxes. I love the fact that she doesn't give up! Go, Maru!

What are some ways that your pets help you think outside the box?