Cat Adoption Team celebrates 20 years of saving lives

May 1 marks 20th anniversary for local animal shelter


[April 26, 2018 – Sherwood, Ore.] — This May, the Cat Adoption Team (CAT) will celebrate its 20th year of saving the lives of homeless cats and kittens.

With 35 cats for adoption and a dream to save more lives, CAT opened its doors in Sherwood, Ore., on May 1, 1998. Today, CAT is the largest feline-only nonprofit animal shelter in the Pacific Northwest and has found homes for more than 44,000 cats and kittens.

When CAT first came on the scene in the late 1990s, Portland and its surrounding communities were overrun with lost, stray, and abandoned cats. Euthanasia rates were high. Adoption numbers were low. Homeless cats had limited options.

Working collaboratively with other animal shelters, rescue groups, and veterinarians—and with the support the local community—CAT has helped transform the Portland metro area into one of the safest communities in the nation for homeless cats.

By the end of its first year, CAT had found homes for 219 cats. The adoption numbers and shelter population more than doubled in 1999. In 2002, CAT became the first animal shelter in the Pacific Northwest to open an onsite veterinary hospital. And the organization has continued to advance each year.


Though the shelter location hasn’t changed, the facility has undergone countless improvements. CAT upgraded from particle board and Plexiglas to stainless steel cat kennels in the mid-2000s. Later, in 2014, additional housing improvement gave twice as much space to each cat. The organization continues to make changes in response to advances in veterinary medicine and animal sheltering.

Over the past 20 years, cats’ lives have been saved and human lives have been enriched by the 44,319 adoptions from CAT.

“All of this has been made possible by the generosity and caring of adopters, volunteers, donors, and other partners in our community,” says Karen Green, CAT’s executive director. “We can’t wait to see what the next 20 years will bring!”

Helping cats in need remains at the core of all that CAT does. This year, the organization plans to increase its support for senior cats, under-socialized kittens, and cats with other health or behavior concerns. What’s more, CAT hopes to help another 3,300 cats and kittens find loving new homes by the end of 2018.
CAT invites you to celebrate the memories by viewing our 20th Anniversary Photo Album online at

A Brief History of CAT

1998 – CAT opens on May 1 with 35 cats for adoption

2000 – 1,000th cat is adopted

2002 – CAT opens onsite veterinary hospital, making it the first shelter in Oregon to open such a clinic

2004 – Organization receives official 501(c)(3) nonprofit designation

2005 – Kitten foster program is formalized with the hire of first foster coordinator

2006 – CAT and other local animal organizations form the Animal Shelter Alliance of Portland (ASAP)

2008 – ASAP’s Spay & Save low-cost public spay/neuter program become available at CAT

2009 – CAT reaches 20,000th adoption

2011 – Thrift Store Benefitting the Cat Adoption Team opens

2012 – A burst pipe floods the shelter and CAT undertakes an extensive remodel

2014 – CAT adds portals to its kennels, doubling—and in some cases tripling—each cat’s space

2016 – 40,000th adoption takes place

2017 – With grant funding, CAT purchases its first transport vehicle

2018 – CAT celebrates 20th anniversary

The Cat Adoption Team (CAT) is the Pacific Northwest’s largest nonprofit, feline-only shelter committed to finding a home for every cat it takes in. CAT’s mission is to save the lives of homeless cats and to work with our community to provide feline expertise and quality programs and services for people and cats. CAT has found homes for more than 44,000 cats and kittens since opening in May 1998. As a 501(c)(3) publicly supported charity, CAT relies on the generous support of individuals and organizations. For more information, visit

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This beautiful 9-year-young Lab is looking for a loving adult family. The environment at the shelter makes her a little nervous, so when you visit please give her a little time to get to know you. This sweet girl says she would enjoy obedience classes, as an older dog sure can learn new tricks!  Annabelle will thrive in a calm home with no children.  Of course she’s a Lab, so she does like to chase things, so her new family should not include cats. Meet Annabelle at Clackamas County Dog Services, 13141 SE Hwy 212 in Clackamas. Learn more at or 503-655-8628.


RM-LJ 2.jpg

Hey! You may have noticed my funny way of sitting!? No worries! I have no issues, it’s just comfortable to me! I get pretty excited when you give me attention and can be a big goofball. I have had a rough past and am looking for a loving home that can provide a stable environment with secure containment. The shelter recommends I be the only pet in my new home, and live with kids 6 and older. I have been diagnosed with separation anxiety and not comfortable at home alone. To help with this, I will have a 30-day supply of separation anxiety medication and a large crate when I go to my new home (I can’t wait!!). The shelter also has a Canine Specialist on staff who will follow up on me to see how I am adjusting, and to provide any additional resources my new family may need. I am currently taking a needed break from the shelter in a foster home, so if you’d like to meet (let’s do!), please contact the foster coordinator at 503-988-6670 or See more pics of LJ in his foster home at

Gibbs and Abby

RM-Gibbs and Abby.jpg

We were born last July to a feral mom who lived in a deplorable hoarding environment. There was never enough food and the people were nice but couldn’t provide all the cats individual attention. We were rescued as older kittens but stayed in a cattery until Cat's Cradle Rescue took us, as nobody else would give us a try. We’ve come such a long way in our foster home! We are clean and always use the litter box. We need a patient mom or dad who will be patient as we learn to trust you. An alternative could be a barn or shop where we can chase and play together but continue our journey learning human companionship. Cat's Cradle Rescue 503-320-6079.



This wonderful senior kitty was born deaf so is an indoor-only cat. She loves being brushed and purrs loudly during the “session.” Tinkerbell’s person, who loved her dearly, became ill and couldn’t keep her. This beautiful girl is playful, gets along with other cats, has wonderful house manners, and is in excellent health. When she gives you her “sweet eyes” she is irresistible. To meet Tinkerbell, contact Cat's Cradle Rescue at 503-320-6079. 



Hi there! I’m a six-year-old handsome brown Tabby boy with a kinked tail. When you talk to me, I will roll around and beg to play with you.  I’m very social and curious, and love to be where the action is! I’m looking for an adult-only home with cat-savvy friends because while I adore petting, I’m still learning my manners. What can I say, I'm a bit of a boss cat that way. In a high school yearbook, my picture would be under “class clown.” I love being silly and showing you how high I can leap for my string toys. And if you don’t mind, I might even ride your shoulder while you walk around or do the dishes! Please come meet me — we could have so much fun together!  Please call me and let’s make a date!  I’m at Animal Aid, 503-292-6628 |



This independent 6 year old longs to be your only kitty so she can have all the love to herself. She’s a lovely gal with a great heart who enjoys pets and rubs! She's independent, so she can also be self-entertained when she needs a break or a nap in the sunshine, warming her soft bunny fur. Gabrielle may need a little time to adjust to her new home, but once she settles, she's all you could hope and more! This easy-going gal will fill your heart and home with love and joy. Meet her and fall in love at Cat Adoption Team’s Sherwood shelter, 14175 SW Galbreath Drive | 503-925- 8903 |



This active, attention-seeking 4 year old has a one-of-a-kind personality! Arriving at CAT via Utah, she has spent time in the shelter recovering from a URI and finding her true colors. She’s curious and opinionated, and may occasionally try to test your limits to get her own way. She’s affectionate when she wants to be, vocal about attention, and loves playing with wand toys and catnip! Tulip will probably need some space and time to come out of her shell in her new home, but with her sassy personality and confidence, she’ll be a wonderful addition to the family. Meet her today at Cat Adoption Team’s Sherwood shelter, 14175 SW Galbreath Drive | 503-925- 8903 |



This pretty little white and marmalade senior needs a second chance.  Her foster mom says her super-sweet disposition makes her a wonderful companion.  She loves to snuggle in bed at night!  Hermione has no health issues.  Like many older gals her vision isn't what it once was but she does just fine.  She has great house manners, which is perfect as she should be an indoor-only kitty.  She will do best in an adult home, and she only really needs YOU to be truly happy.  

Hermione is currently on minor food additives to help her eyes remain strong.  She is an easy keeper and she enjoys canned food and quality kibble.  She can be adopted through our Seniors 4 Seniors adoption program.  We love our sweet senior gal and know she has many years of companionship still to share with you.   Will you be the one she gives her heart to? For additional info contact Cat's Cradle Rescue 503-320-6079.


RM-Neil - th IMG_7921.JPG

Hiya, I'm Neil! I'm a 12 lb Shiba Inu/Terrier mix with lots of energy, a big voice, and a quirky personality. My foster mom has a fenced yard and no other pets, and I'm looking for a similar forever home. I love walks and being outside, keeping watch over the street and letting my foster mom know about passersby. I also love sitting close or in my person’s lap, though treatment from people in my past mean I have to be super comfortable to enjoy petting — a reaching hand can put me on edge. My foster mom says I'm a great singer who’s also talented at harrumphing, and a great companion who thrives with routine. If you’re an active person who also enjoys time at home we could be a great match!  I’ve been at the shelter a long time now, and I can’t wait to meet you! To learn more or make a date (ask for Neil!), please call Animal Aid at 503-292-6628 or visit