Because everybunny needs a spa day

Got a house rabbit? Want to learn about having one? Rabbit Advocates offers monthly chances to meet adoptable bunnies, or get your own rabbit a nail trim and/or light grooming.

Events are held the second Sunday of each month, noon-3, at Tigard Petco. The Rabbit Advocates request people wanting bunny pawdicures arrive by 2:30, and to bring a clean bath towel and grooming tools if possible. Grooming and nail trims are free, but donations are appreciated. Learn more at

Behind the Statistics...tale of a survivor

As stories of financial woes flood the news, the effects of the economy on individuals can get lost in the stats. Melissa Watters’ story is one tale behind those statistics. 

About 10 years ago Watters worked as a certified fraud investigator and publisher of a trade newspaper covering the local fraud beat. A success as a publication and a boost to local law enforcement, Watters says her paper “helped catch over 500 fugitives in the Portland area.” Still, she had other dreams.

WAG more, reproduce less

By 8am every weekday, the lobby of the Willamette Animal Guild (WAG) Spay and Neuter Clinic starts to fill with people and their pets. “We get a range of people, old and young,” says Kathy Ford, WAG’s treasurer and one of many hands-on people keeping WAG going. People look to WAG for a low-cost fix to the problem of the thousands of unwanted cats and dogs in Lane County. “Cats can have three to four litters a year,” says Ford, “if they’re hell-bent on doing that. Two is minimal.”

Thanks to WAG, sometimes as many as 500 cats and dogs are spayed in a month. The clinic performs about 20 to 25 surgeries in a day and has spayed about seven thousand animals in its one and half years of existence, preventing tens of thousands of unwanted cats and dogs.

Stay, play and learn at a little slice of heaven in Pleasant Hill

You know how happy your dog is when you get home after being gone for a week and you walk in the door and he practically does back flips for joy? How the whole room just exudes doggie delight because everything thing in his little canine world is right again now that you’re home?

That’s about how delighted Sonja Mandel is to own and operate Opportunity Barks, a doggie daycare, boarding and training facility in Pleasant Hill, OR, just outside Eugene. Mandel and her partner, Carol Rozek simply love dogs. And they love caring for them when their people are away. “This facility is everything we wanted and more,” says Mandel of their air-conditioned and heated brand-new building in view of the Cascade Mountains. “You can get into dreamland out here.”

Girl to the Rescue

Graduating this year with a 3.3 GPA from Beaverton High School’s International Baccalaureate program, you could say Jill Wardrop is a good student. As the three-year president of her local Becca’s Closet chapter — an international organization providing dresses and accessories to high school students who can’t afford these things for prom — you could say Jill is a social advocate. Taking all that and adding in her work in the animal community, these categorizations don’t do her justice.

“It’s this whole, crazy dog world! I never knew I’d be a part of it, but here I am . . . in the middle!” she says.