Never Say Never Greyhounds

What do we (the general public) know about Greyhounds other than that they’re skinny-ish dogs who race around in a circle after a rabbit and show up from time to time at adoption events? Breaking down common thought barriers about certain breeds is critical to discovering the depths of the dog. In Never Say Never Greyhounds (, oh boy, are belief barriers broken.

Spotlight on the Camera

Just as any vehicle can take you on a fun trip, you can take great photos with any camera.  But a 4 wheel drive can take you different places than a sailboat.  There are so many camera choices these days it can be tough to know which might best match your goals.  With the holidays upon us, let's chat this month about some things to consider if a new camera might be under the tree.

Animal House Home Customizations

Pet Friendly goes Pet Fabulous

Trends in home design are increasingly moving beyond occasional nods toward pet-friendly to substantial installations that are truly pet fabulous.

While it might seem strange to some, the idea of customizing a house for life with pets is a given for pet parents, and the possibilities abound. “I think it adds a lot of value to the livability of the house if you take into consideration the family pet,” says Kathleen Donohue, a senior designer at Neil Kelly, a Portland-based design firm. “The more you can conveniently accommodate pets, the better it is for everyone.”

Rescue community loses an angel

Starly Pupke killed

The animal rescue community in the Willamette Valley and surrounding were rocked last month when news that fellow rescue rock star, Starly Susan Pupke, lost her life after exiting her van in traffic near Lane Community College in Eugene and being struck by two cars.

West Highland White Terrier — The Westie

West Highland White Terrier — The Westie

Trademark: Westies are said to be the clowns of the dog world because they love to put on a show and are very playful. You may recognize this breed from popular logos, including that of Cesar’s Dog Food.

Personality:  The Westie is spirited, determined and loyal. They are happy little dogs, who make great traveling companions. 

Goodness and sadness in the face of cancer

Cancer — the one word that evokes fear and universal anxiety. The one word no one is ever fully prepared to hear. This dreaded disease affects too many humans and pets alike. And when it comes to our beloved animals, it’s the one diagnosis that alarming statistics show account for nearly half of all disease-related pet deaths.