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Josh LoftusLife skills program begun in school has far-reaching impact

Inside every school in America are students of many backgrounds, skill levels, abilities and disabilities.  Some students cruise through school, excelling at whatever they attempt while others get lost in the shuffle.


Nine years ago, special education instructor Pam Goliher began baking special recipe biscuits by fellow teacher Stacey Mitchell’s in her life skills class as a way of teaching her students with disabilities what it takes to run a successful business.  But the biscuits didn’t stay in class.

Lure Coursing - The latest in canine fun and competition

The roots of lure coursing go back over 4,000 years, to images immortalized on Egyptian tombs.  Dogs with pricked ears, dropped ears, long-legged and -short, racing with speed and grace.  Coursing is the modernized — and humane — version of the ancient sport of live game coursing.  Traditional coursing breeds include the Italian Greyhound to the Saluki, Basenjis to the Scottish Deerhound.  Coursing differs from other hunting sports in that dogs track by sight, not scent.

Made for Each Other

Made for Each Other

by Meg Daley Olmert

“The fact that wolves stopped stalking us and we took them into our caves proved to be a miraculous leap of faith that changed our world forever” reads the introduction.  Made for Each Other helps explain the biology of the human-animal bond, largely based on the idea that oxytocin has played a significant role in domesticating large mammals and connecting humans with wolves.  Also explored is how our evolution was shaped by these new relationships. 

Blog Report: Honey the Great Dane

This month we take a trip across the globe to visit Honey the Great Dane (  Honey’s blog, facilitated by her human, Hsin-Yi, is enjoyable, funny, educational, and entertaining.  Honey is living the life down under, where she is best known in the blog world for her fancy footwork.

Creating a dog-friendly, water-efficient yard

Karen Brandenburger designed her water-efficient with spaces for her Corgis and Shitzu to enjoyDogs will be dogs.  Running, chasing, digging, and all the things that doggies “doo.”  How can you create a yard that stands up to canine wear and tear and is also a great place for friends and barbecues?

The following tips can help you create and maintain a yard that’s good for people, pets, and Mother Nature too.

Canines in Canyon Lands

Janee Bennion and Reid Tully enjoy a late afternoon rest in Arches National Park with their two white labs after a hard day of mountain biking on nearby BLM lands.What every adventurer needs to know about dogs in national parks

The early May day is a scorcher at Arches National Park outside Moab, Utah.  Eighty-six degrees at 5pm.

Hikers straggle off the Devil’s Garden trail, a long, sun-drenched loop crossing slick rock fins and ledges.  At the trailhead, a young couple fills a water bowl for two white Labs dozing under the drinking fountain.

This family will not be exploring the seven-mile trail.  In fact, they’ll go no farther than the adjacent campground.  Canine movement is highly restricted in U.S. National Parks, which begs consideration when planning a road trip with Rover.

Feline Friendly

There’s a safe haven for some lucky feral cats in a most unlikely place in Cottage Grove, OR.  Over the past 18 years, Brad Cohen and his staff at Brad’s Chevrolet have made a real difference in the lives of many feral cats.