No More County Animal Services in Eugene?

Budget concerns prompt increased shelter collaborations 

A recent article in the Eugene Register-Guard (Aug. 15) caused a shudder among animal lovers, reporting that Lane County Animal Services (LCAS) stands to lose even more money in its budget.  LCAS provides numerous animal services in Eugene, including enforcing the city’s animal control code, and providing services such as shelter, adoption, spay/neuter, and licensing dogs and cats.  Last year’s already tight budget saw LCAS’s funding reduced by $100,000.

Pets & Pacifiers

Helping families keep pets and children safe, happy and together

A perennial sight at neighborhood parks in the Northwest is that of dogs and kids at play — sometimes together, sometimes in their respective playgrounds.  The Northwest is nothing if not child- and animal-friendly, and many call both two- and four-legged “kids” family.

Unfortunately, many new or expecting families, already overwhelmed with all things baby, miss the importance of preparing their pets for the new arrival.  This can result in problems for the animal, the baby and the parents, sometimes including injury, even leading to the relinquishment of the treasured pet to a shelter after years of loving care.

Meet your 2011 Willamette Valley Cover Models!

Pets and their people entered Spot's Cover Model Search at events all last Spring and Summer. Winner Penny Love, graces this month's cover. All the other beauties are featured in the magazine and in our online photo album.

Meet Your 2011 Willamette Cover Model ~ Penny Love

Local therapy dog recognized at 9/11 ceremony

A Eugene woman and her fluffy gray Keeshond, Tikva, flew to New York last month as invited guests for the 9/11 Day of Remembrance.  Tikva is a therapy dog, and she and her handler, Cindy Ehlers, spent two weeks at Ground Zero following the terrorist attacks a decade ago, giving comfort to rescue workers.

We Do the Mash — the Monster Mash . . . with Slocum

For a “monstrously” good time, head to Slocum Orthopedics in Eugene for its 5th annual Monster Mash Oct. 30.  The 5K run and 5-K9 run/walk takes place on a scenic, flat course along the Willamette River through Alton Baker Park, and across the DeFazio Foot Bridge.

Wonder-Product inspired by special needs kitties

Most agree on the problems with kitty litter.  It’s messy.  It smells.  It doesn’t clump.  The clumps fall apart when scooped.  It leaves kitty litter footprints.

And these are just layman’s complaints.  What about veterinary concerns?  Kitties in hospitals may have wounds vulnerable to infection or irritation by contact with traditional cat litters.  But what else is there?

Simple can be challenging!

Simple can be challenging! 

And it takes confidence.  We talked some about that while discussing using cropping to focus our viewer’s attention.  It’s easy, as we think about how different elements in a photo may appeal to different people, to include a lot in the frame.  The trouble is, if we keep all those elements we may create an image that’s a bit like an orchestra that isn’t playing the same score.