Here, Kitty Kitty

Have you ever given your cat a bath?

I have, many times.

And the cat in question was not my easygoing Tabby, Mack, or my “I’ll do anything because I am just so scared,” Clio. The cat who received so many baths was Snowball.  My fearless, outgoing, hate-everyone-but-you cat who passed many years ago.  Snowball would scare visitors with her “piss and vinegar” attitude, yowling if they got to close.  She was more talk than action — her vocalizations were more than enough to cause friends to give her a wide berth.

Tricks of the frame at a time

I suspect one of the reasons dogs and people get along so well is that just like us they have such a diversity of personalities.  Some dogs are social butterflies while others prefer the company of just a few trusted friends.  Some are happiest with a job and others simply want to experience all of life’s amazing smells.  Some love to pose in front of the camera while others prefer to lick the face behind the camera.  There’s a dog that’s a perfect match for everyone.

Dremel Tool for Nails

Here’s what we love…

Dremel Tool for Nails - Rated 5 out 5 paws

Description:  An electric nail file

Clippers are most often used for trimming the nails of dogs and cats, but for rounded, smooth nails, adding a dremel to the process gives a great finish that’s ideal for hardwood floors, and gentler on everything they touch.