Pongo Fund rolls out mobile vet hospital

The Pongo Fund To Unveil Groundbreaking Mobile Veterinary Hospital.jpg

The Pongo Fund, Oregon and SW Washington’s emergency pet food bank, introduced Pongo One in December, a state-of-the-art mobile veterinary hospital bringing critical veterinary care and other services to underserved and underprivileged families and pets throughout Oregon and SW Washington.

The 23-foot mobile hospital, featuring two surgical suites, a laboratory, x-ray, pharmacy and more will provide advanced veterinary services at no cost to qualified pet owners in need, including the homeless, seniors, veterans, victims of domestic violence, residents of low income housing and more. The Pongo Fund is a volunteer-driven, nonprofit. Learn more at thepongofund.org.

Sit Stay Fit resumes play groups


Sit Stay Fit has resumed trainer-led play groups the first and third Saturdays of the month. The groups are kept small, and a trainer is on hand to help keep play appropriate and work on skill building. Play groups run two hours at the SSF studio, located at 7100 NE Martin Luther King Jr Blvd in Portland. Participating dogs must either be clients or have trainer approval. Learn more at sitstayfit.com.

Bone Up on winter pet safety


While it’s been a mild winter in the Northwest this year, some chilly days and weeks still lie ahead.

Despite their fur coats, pets feel the cold just as humans do. The follow safety tips are offered by the Outdoor Power Equipment Institute

  • Know your pet.  Pets’ tolerance for cold varies. When out for walks, provide a jacket for short-haired, elderly or frail dogs.
  • Forgo haircuts.  Save shearing for warmer months.
  • Check ears, paws and tails regularly.  Check for signs of frostbite, raw spots or debris.
  • Wipe your pet’s belly, legs and paws. Have a clean towel ready for when your dog comes inside to remove ice-melting chemicals, which can irritate and cause serious illness if licked or swallowed.
  • Clean antifreeze spills. Attracted to the sweet smell and taste, pets will lick or drink antifreeze, which is toxic to cats and dogs. Clean spills and consider using a brand made from propylene glycol, which is less toxic.
  • Keep water flowing. Dry winter weather can be dehydrating. Keep fresh water free of ice inside and out.
  • Provide a warm bed. Give your pet a warm, cozy bed and plenty of elevated places inside to warm up.
  • Leave Fido at home. You know the dangers of leaving a pet in a hot car, but did you know the practice can be just as hazardous in winter? When running errands, it’s always best to leave dogs at home.

Wild burro project seeks volunteers, adopters

The Peaceful Valley Donkey Rescue, based in San Angelo, TX, is currently working on wild burro projects in Arizona, California, and Nevada in conjunction with the federal government. Burros are a non-native species in the US and can quickly overpopulate in deserts, causing destruction to ecosystems, competition with indigenous species, and damage to Native American sites.

PVDR uses humane techniques to rescue these burros. The animals are then chipped, vetted, and then shipped to a PVDR training facility to be made ready for adoption. Burros deemed unadoptable due to medical conditions are moved to PVDR’s main facility in Texas, where they receive care for life. Burros deemed too wild or aggressive for adoption are placed on one of Peaceful Valley’s sanctuaries, where they too receive care for life.

PVDR is currently seeking adopters, and volunteers to become satellite adoption centers for PVDR. Learn more at pvdr.org.

Report says 50% of owners prefer staying in . . . with their dogs


More than half of American dog owners admit they flake out on social events to hang out with their pet(s) according to new research. The study of 2,000 dog owners found skipping out on human commitments specifically to get a bit of quality furry friend time is a common occurrence.

Clinical Forensic Psychologist Dr. John Huber says that bond is understandable given the way dogs aid our mental health — from their ability to lessen relationship stress to softening bad days at work and more, the average dog gets their owner through nearly five (4.83) stressful events every week. Learn more at mainstreammentalhealth.org.

CBD can help pain, anxiety

Colorado Dog Company, producers of hemp-based CBD Dog Biscuits, says: “While we are not allowed to make specific claims related to our hemp biscuits and treats, we can tell you that our customers typically purchase our products because their dogs are experiencing the following symptoms; separation anxiety, arthritis, hip and joint pain, elder dog pain, loud noise anxiety —such as thunder or fireworks — travel anxiety, seizures, cancer and more.”

The company credits modern technology for “unlocking the secrets of the hemp plant to ease the suffering and pain our dogs experience but can’t describe to us in words,” adding that scientists have discovered that CBD can help dogs with a wide range of pain- and stress-related issue.

FetchPhotoAmyBrock CBD.jpeg

In response to Spot’s query to friends on Facebook Amy Brock had this to say about CBD:

“We have been using CBD treats for almost a year for our 16-year-old Rat Terrier/Chi mix. We give him 1 in the morning and 1 at night. As we were learning and getting his dosage right he had a few seizures and if we gave him a treat the seizure would stop in seconds. Since we have been regularly giving him the treats there have been only 2 x he has had a seizure, both were when we ran out and the dispensary was out.

We also give them to our dog who was on Prozac for the first 12 years of her life due to anxiety from being abused when she was young. She started to develop kidney issues and we were able to stop the Prozac and switch to CBD.

We are so happy to have this option! They are the 2 on the left. :)

For special offers and testimonials from customers using CBD from Colorado Dog for their pets, visit coloradodog.net.


Celebrate Halloween with Willamette Humane

Bowser’s Boo Bash, a perennial favorite Halloween benefit and auction is Oct. 28 in Salem. Among Willamette Humane Society's largest events of the year, attendees will take a trip down the yellow brick road to visit the wonderful Wizard of Oz and enjoy an evening of food, drink, entertainment, costumes, and more — all to support homeless pets. As the folks at WHS say: "For these animals, there's no place like home.”
Get tickets and more details at whs4pets.org.

New Animal Planet series takes on pet obesity


The rate of overweight and obese pets in the US is more than 50%. In line with this, Animal Planet launched the new series, My Big Fat Pet Makeover Sept 30.

Pet expert and trainer Travis Brorsen begins a four-month weight-loss and behavior modification journey with pet owners and their overweight animals with the aim of helping each pet live a healthier, happier life. Each story ends with a final weigh-in to see just how far the pets and pet owners have come.

Obese animals can experience health problems such as high blood pressure, diabetes, and heart failure, thus leading to a shorter life. Brorsen creates individual exercise and diet plans in addition to implementing positive reinforcement training methods. He also uses creative techniques such as exercises that help pet parents experience what their pets are going through. For example, wearing a weighted vest to experience the extra weight a dog is living with.

Largest US Cat Show comes to Portland

Cats, exhibitors, judges and vendors will travel from around the US, Europe, and Asia for the CFA International Cat Show presented by Royal Canin Nov 18-19 at the Portland Expo Center. A portion of the proceeds from the show will benefit Cat Adoption Team.

“This may be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for our cat-loving city to experience a cat show of this scale because the location of the
International Show changes almost every year,” said show manager Pam Moser. “This is our big chance to show how cat-crazy Portland really is!”

This is the first time the CFA International Show has been held in the Northwest; highlights include: Moshow “The Cat Rapper,” a Kitty Korral
where show cats are available for pets, play, and selfies; agility and education rings; a catio exhibit; and vendors. Get details at cfa.org.


Farmers sends support, therapy dogs to Houston


A Farmers Insurance® Mobile Claims Center (MCC) has been deployed to Victoria, Texas to assist customers affected by Harvey. In addition to expedited claims processing, hot meals, sundries, internet and phone access, customers who visit the MCC relief site will also have access to Pet Partners specially-trained therapy dogs for emotional support.

"Farmers Insurance understands that beyond the physical devastation, the emotional toll can often leave a lasting mark on victims,” said Keith Daly, chief claims officer for Farmers Insurance. “We want our customers to know that when they see the Farmers® team, they know help has arrived.”