In Loving Memory of 
Rusty Miller 11/18/2000 – 5/22/17

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If you are fortunate, once in your lifetime along will come that special companion.   Not that you didn’t love others before, or that you won’t love again, just that this special love will forever be etched in your heart.  This was Rusty.  I had Nick, my beloved lab, when this adorable Lhasa Apso joined the family.  They became “The Boys” — inseparable.  Rusty attempted anything Nick did, except swim!   Small only in size, he had great zest for life and found joy in making me laugh – wagging his tail when successful.  Rusty was my rock when I lost Nick and other loved ones.  Late in life, challenged by serious health issues and vision loss, Rusty was tenacious, accepting and found joy in each day. We read each other’s minds with mutual concern, admiration, assurance, appreciation and love.  This intensely dedicated happy, loving soul, enriched my life immensely.   His gift of a life well lived and shared will forever remain in my heart and soul.

 —     Rick Miller, Portland OR