Pranic Healing

Options in wellness continue to grow

Complementary medical processes such as acupuncture and chiropractic care have expanded dramatically in recent years, helping pets with mobility, comfort and healing. Another recent option — energy or “pranic” healing — is a modality pet parents can do themselves to support their pet’s health and wellness.

Some are skeptical. When she first learned of Pranic Healing, Liza Burney was a practicing attorney with a left-brain, scientific perspective.  “I was not interested in airy-fairy stuff,” she says. “But I was dealing with a medical condition that mainstream medicine wasn’t resolving, so I began to explore alternatives.”

Burney says her exploration was systematic and methodical and included studying underlying research.  “Fortunately for me, Pranic Healing approaches healing the same way an engineer would, including years of testing. I learned a new paradigm of healing using the energy flowing from the hands to balance, harmonize, and transform the body’s energy fields, which supports and accelerates physical healing for people and pets.”

“I explored the process, and realized that in addition to the physical body, there is an entire system of energetic anatomy which, with a little training, can be sensed with the hands, evaluated and restored to a balanced state. When we understand that the condition of our physical body is directly related to the health of our energy fields, our entire approach to healing changes.   The first time I felt my dog’s energy field, it was like nothing else I’d experienced — and things have never been the same.”

The Principle

Pranic Healing is based on the principle that the body possesses the innate ability to heal itself and that healing can be accelerated by increasing vital energy (prana) to the affected part — this is fuel the body uses for healing.  With more fuel, the body heals more quickly, sometimes with surprising outcomes.

Burney shares this from a student:  “My dog, who is prone to skin conditions, developed a hot spot on the back of his leg. I tried what we learned in class and, after cleaning and applying topical spray to the site, applied Pranic Healing. I couldn’t find the injury the following morning! I finally found it — the spot was marked by a little patch of matted fur — the redness was gone.” 

Pranic Healing can help when traditional treatment options are uncertain.  “Western medicine sometimes has limitations treating certain conditions,” says Burney, “like ‘mystery’ digestive disorders.” For example, she cites a cat which chronic vomiting that the vet thought was some incurable disease.  After one Pranic Healing session, the next day that cat looked alert and began to eat without vomiting.  The owner couldn’t believe how quickly the cat responded, especially because the effect was long-lasting.

Emotional Conditions

Dogs have rich emotional lives, says Burney. Shelter dogs often struggle with fear and anxiety; others may be affected by the trauma of a divorce, or grief over the loss of a companion.  “Our emotional state is directly linked to the balance of our energy fields,” she says. “Which is good news, because we can use energetic tools to rebalance and strengthen the emotional body, which helps heal the symptoms.”

Pranic Healing can be learned by anyone — the basics in two hours. Intensive weekend workshops run 16 hours. Learn more at