This lovely girl packs 8 years and 8 months of marshmallow-y goodness into her 60 lb frame. It’s no surprise that she’s a volunteer favorite — she’s such a wiggle-butt and tummy-rub loving pookie! Everyone at the shelter is bananas about her. She’s human-focused, easy to walk, and a flop-at-your-feet dreamboat once she gets out into the play yard and allowed off her leash. She’s been described as a “goofball,” a “lovie-dovie,” and a “kissy-face blockhead.”

Crystal has been with Clatsop County Shelter since May, and though her friends there repeatedly tell visitors she’s one of their hands-down most-loved dogs, she remains in her kennel, with not one single application to adopt her. She has done fine meeting dogs through the fence, but one on one, she’s the boss of ALL your love, which means she must be an only dog. Crystal also must have a family with no cats and a fully-fenced yard. Please consider Crystal!  She will steal your heart, and you’ll be so glad she did! To learn more or meet Crystal, contact, or call Linda Dygert at 503-861-0737.