When visiting Clatsop Animal Assistance in Warrenton, OR, you might see this 4.5-year-old beauty bouncing along the walk or zipping after his beloved ball . . . and you’d never guess he was blind. Gunner arrived at the shelter last summer with advanced glaucoma; after surgery and treatments it was best to remove is eyes to spare him lifelong pain. Even when clearly in pain, Gunner remained the same sweet, gentle giant his friends at the shelter adore — a munchkin who loves to play and explore outside — personifying true resiliency. 

Gunner is young, strong, and not about to limit his adventures. He gets around great, learning areas and routes quickly, bounding across the (fenced) yard without hesitation or fear. He loves to play fetch with his ball that makes noise, and needs an active, patient and understanding family of adults older children who will guide and provide the fun and exercise he needs. Gunner seems to love other dogs and be fine with cats. To learn more or meet Gunner, contact Kate at or 503-861-0737, of Clatsop Animal Assistance in Warrenton, OR.