Hi! I am a beautiful, social girl with silvery-brown fur and striking green eyes. While born in 2005 and technically a senior kitty, you’d never guess it — especially during play time! I am infatuated with wand toys and watching squirrels outside my window. I love channeling my ancestors and chasing toy mice. When playtime is over, I enjoy long naps in a cozy spot — or even better, a nice warm lap!

Since losing my family, I’ve also lost some of my confidence with people; however, once I get to know you, I’m very affectionate and even known to shoulder-surf! Just take it slow and we’ll be great friends in no time. I’m not a huge fan of other kitties, but I’m just the purrfect combination of mellow and playful. Are you currently suffering from catlessness? Please come meet me at Animal Aid!