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Hey! You may have noticed my funny way of sitting!? No worries! I have no issues, it’s just comfortable to me! I get pretty excited when you give me attention and can be a big goofball. I have had a rough past and am looking for a loving home that can provide a stable environment with secure containment. The shelter recommends I be the only pet in my new home, and live with kids 6 and older. I have been diagnosed with separation anxiety and not comfortable at home alone. To help with this, I will have a 30-day supply of separation anxiety medication and a large crate when I go to my new home (I can’t wait!!). The shelter also has a Canine Specialist on staff who will follow up on me to see how I am adjusting, and to provide any additional resources my new family may need. I am currently taking a needed break from the shelter in a foster home, so if you’d like to meet (let’s do!), please contact the foster coordinator at 503-988-6670 or foster@multco.us. See more pics of LJ in his foster home at http://multnomahdogs.blogspot.com/