Hi. I’m a year-old kid with some special needs. I was found near the road at 4 weeks old, my back legs paralyzed from abuse. I weighed less than 1 pound then, but thanks to the love and care of many, I not only survived but I’ve blossomed into a happy, adoring cat! I need someone special who is okay with my special needs around pottying. My upper body is strong, and I can pull myself around just fine. I’m fine with children and other cats, and proud to say I can do everything the other cats can! I will need continued physical therapy to keep strengthening my legs, but I know my special person won’t mind at all. In fact you’ll celebrate with me as I continue to blossom. I can’t wait to meet you! Please come see me at Cat's Cradle Rescue, 503-320-6079, info@catscradlerescue.com