Are you looking for a loving companion who will fill your world with specialness?  This boy will do just that — quietly lapping up your attention and love.

Tank was in the shelter for some time last year before a family fell in love with him and took him home. Months later, family issues having nothing to do with Tank resulted in them returning him to the shelter. Tank was very happy with the family and kids, and they loved him. 

Now once again, Tank awaits and longs for the special person or family who will see how wonderful he is and wrap him up in the love he needs and wants so much. He is a calm, handsome old soul, and his spirits remain high as he awaits the special someone who will treasure him. He needs to be an only pet, but he absolutely adores children.

Tank has represented Greenhill as an ambassador many times, and he loves all the attention that comes with it. He is looking for a quiet family home where he can soak up love and cuddle time, which he will happily pay for in kisses.

Learn more about Tank, or meet this special boy at Greenhill Humane Society, 541-689-1503 | green-hill.org.