Hard-core cat lovers only need apply! Tiffany is a cranky old lady. She loves laps, but will hiss at you if you move or pet her too much while she's in your lap. She does NOT like to be told what to do! She wants her food placed near her bed. She wants treats when she asks for them. She has the voice of a two-pack-a-day smoker and a perpetually-irritated look on her face. She ignores you when you want her attention, and creaky-meows at you when you're busy. She also has beautiful markings and super long whiskers. She purrs while lounging on your lap (and will continue purring while hissing at you). She's calm and enjoys neck massages. She's super cute when she plays. Tiffany will do well with an adopter who thinks that a cat who has lived so many years should get to do what she wants, and basically be the boss of everything. She is beautiful, sassy, and hilarious. Please see more of Tiffany at or learn more at